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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

Why should I choose Exam English Prep?

Simply because you deserve a personalised course that best suits you. If you have tried free courses or text books and you aren't getting the results it is time to try something new. Exam English Prep will support you on your journey towards exam day offering guidance, corrections and plenty of feedback.

How do the lessons work?

Lesson are conducted via Zoom or Google Meet.

When can I start?

The sooner the better! Get in contact today and we can start to arrange your personalised course ASAP.

Will I get homework?

Yes. You will receive homework to work on all parts of the exam.

Will my written work be corrected?

Yes your written work will be corrected. You will receive:

  • Correction on grammar and vocabulary mistakes.

  • Suggestions on how to improve the structure of your writing.

  • An honsest assesment of your work and a reliable score.

Will I get to do mock speaking tests?

If you would like to practice speaking as part of your lessons you will receive a mock speaking test. The course is yours so you can choose whatever you want!

How can I pay for my course?

Courses can be paid for by PayPal or by bank transfer

Is the course just to prepare me for the exam or can I also improve my general English level first?

The course is designed to meet your personal needs. If you require a long term course that involves increasing your overall level of English and then specific exam preparation we can offer this.

I just want to improve my writing. Is this possible?

Yes, it is. You can choose to focus on one part of the exam or the whole exam.

How can I start the course?

Contact us today and we can organise a consultation to discuss your needs. Once we know your needs and your availability, we can organise your course according to our free time slots.

Will I need to buy a coursebook?

No, you won't. Materials will be provided. If you wish to buy a book to study even further we will offer full assistance in which books to choose.

If you have further questions please contact Exam English Prep directly.

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