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Why choose Exam English Prep?

The course is made for you.

You are unique! This means that no one course is suitable for everyone. That's why here at Exam English Prep all the courses are made individually. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to work on what you want and most importantly what you need.


IELTS courses can be made to cover all aspects of the exam or you can choose to specialise on any area of the exam. If you have previously taken the test and not achieved your desired score we can use your previous test to help build your ideal preparation.


With FCE and CAE you choose to work on individual elements of the exam such as Use of English or Speaking or you can choose to cover each element of the course individually,


In your PET preparation class you can study the whole exam, studying each section individually or if you are having difficulty with one section you can choose to focus on this and have your lessons aimed at this one element.

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