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First Certificate Exam Information

Online First Certificate Exam Course

The First Certificate exam is for students who are B2 (upper intermediate) level.

Exam Format

  1. Reading and Use of English (7 parts-75 minutes)

  2. Writing (2 parts-80 minutes)

  3. Listening (4 parts-40 minutes

  4. Speaking ( 4 parts per pair-14 minutes)

For further information about the exam format and to get information about the individual sections you can visit the Cambridge website by clicking on the link below.​

If you are preparing for FCE then Exam English Prep is the place for you. A personalised course will be designed for you allowing you to work on whatever you want. 

If you wish to focus solely on writing then structures for each part of the writing test will be taught along with sample questions set. All writing will be marked and full feedback will be given focusing on areas to improve.

If you wish to focus solely on speaking then all parts of the speaking exam will be analysed along with full practice for each section. A full mock test will also be conducted along with detailed feedback.

Whole test preparation can also be arranged in which all parts of the exam will be covered in detail including marked homework and full test practice.

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