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The top 5 TV shows you should be watching to improve your English.

TV shows can be a fun way to improve your English. Here are 5 shows that you can watch to help improve your English.

1) Friends

This is a classic show that many students have seen before in their own language. At around 22 minutes an episode, with relatively easy to follow plots, and a whopping ten seasons to see, this show will have you laughing and learning at the same time.

2) The Simpsons

Nothing really beats The Simpsons for casual, fun viewing. The language is uncomplicated and relatable, even if you don’t get some of the jokes. It’s also 28 years old, so you have hours and hours of viewing.

3) Modern Family

The best thing about learning English with Modern Family is that most of the cast are children. With the kids speaking a lot slower and using simpler vocabulary, you’ll find it easy to follow. The cast also explains a lot of English phrases to Colombian Gloria (played by Sofia Vergara) which are perfect learning moments.

4) Killing Eve

Killing Eve is an addictive and intense spy drama that has won multiple awards at both the BAFTAs and the Golden Globes. As well as being award-winning it has Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy) speaking in a clear, Canadian accent and Jodie Comer speaking slowly with a Belgian twang, making it a great show to start improving your English vocabulary while you are gripped with the intense plot.

5) How To Get Away With Murder

This show is definitely more for upper-intermediate and advanced learners. The show has some complex legal language that can be hard to understand but it also has a great storyline that will have you hooked.

Now you have some shows that you can watch, here are a couple of tips for while you are watching the show.

1) Put the subtitles in English. It is tempting to put the subtitles in your own language but this won’t help your language learning.

2) Start with shorter shows. Think of this as like training to run a marathon. Before you can actually run a marathon you have to run shorter distances first. When it comes to understanding shows, start with short shows and build up to longer shows and then movies.

3) Don’t get obsessed with vocabulary. You WON’T understand every word and this is ok. Try to work out the meaning of new vocabulary from the context. If you still can’t work out the meaning, make a note of the word and look it up after the show has finished.

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